Over 1.5km of bush trails have been developed in the forested part of Eagle’s Roost for guests to explore and are easily accessible from the garden through a small paddock or via a gate near the front entry (there is a map but the tracks are well defined so you are unlikely to go too far astray).

A feature of Tasmania’s forests are our fabulous Fungi.  Eagle’s Roost has several different habitat types (gullies, hills, dryer and wetter areas etc) and so has a correspondingly diverse range of fungi species that appear throughout the year.  So far over 250 different species have been identified on the property, so if you are into fungi you won’t have to travel far to find a good variety of wonderful species to photograph!

If it’s Man Ferns you’d like to see, the gullies are full of them and at the other end of the size scale the forested areas also have a large number of native ground orchids that are well worth finding.  From the delicate Greenhoods, the beautiful fine Mosquito Orchids to the tall Hyacinth or Potato Orchids – they are all a delight to find.

For those into the smaller wonders… there are also a huge variety of mosses, lichens and liverworts to see as well.

If it’s history that turns you on… see if you can find one of three big old tree stumps on the property that still bear the marks of the tree fellers who cut them down about 100 years ago!

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